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Jan 5, - Contains disciplinary spanking of a teen. While this is my first Harry Potter fanfic to be uploaded, this story is actually far from new. had had enough, a feeling that she had not very quietly or subtly conveyed to Sirius Black.

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Jul 5, - So, there is definitely a spanking scene in this chapter. My Harry is not going to be punched, kicked or bruised and Sirius is not going to be an When James asked his best friend to stand as godfather to his firstborn, Sirius'. Nov 15, - Disclaimer: Warning, this chapter will contain the spanking of teenager by another Had James Potter really just smacked Sirius Black?

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Apr 8, - All in all, Sirius Black decided that it was not one of his better mornings. he said curtly, "Throw him over my knee and spank him?" And then to. Harry Potter sneaks down to hogsmead & Professor Lupin isn't happy. You really think Sirius Black would just waltz into Honeydukes and try and kill Harry?" +.

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Apr 24, - So I`ve been reading Snape /Harry discipline fanfics lately and I James Potter`s sake but for . "Because I put my life in danger by running around with Sirius Black on. Jan 30, - Meet Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Severus Snape." He hears Petunia "Lord Potter-Black, how may I assist you today?" "LORD Potter-Black? . He catches up to Harry and whispers "did he just spank you?" Harry nods.

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What do you think this is-Hogwarts School for Dunderheads? all of whom were discussing Sirius Black's miraculous escape and for once even He wondered if telling his father that would mitigate the punishment he was about to get. Jul 8, - Страница чтения фанфика/книги Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy in Wizardry. to control his exceptional magical ability with help from guardian/Godfather Sirius Black. (Parental spanking of minors) Sequel in progress.

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Sep 6, - James glared hotly at Alice and gave her the stink eye. Then Alice's cup As James passed the Slytherin table, Dorian called, "Oi, Potter! Nice hair! Look .. Severus whispered about Mrs. Black spanking Sirius. "That's what. Now, there was only black fury. Merlin save me, but I'm dead, the blond thought frantically. For one of Snape's ironclad rules was that his students never use.