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May 26, - No, it's not likely to be anything to do with your sperm count. Furthermore, if you've had a lot of sex with your girlfriend over the last few weeks, this would reduce your seminal volume and alter its appearance and consistency.

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Jan 8, - If your semen has a red or brown appearance, it is more than likely due to a burst blood vessel and is usually nothing to worry about. Within a. Sep 24, - Semen is typically whitish-gray in color with a jelly-like texture. This can vary Blood may turn this color after it has been exposed to oxygen.

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Aug 23, - The idea that millions of sperm are on an Olympian race to reach the egg to the dustbin of history – but in some ways not much has changed. Abstract. OBJECTIVE--To investigate whether semen quality has changed during the past 50 years. CONCLUSIONS--There has been a genuine decline in semen quality over the past 50 years. As male fertility is to some extent correlated with sperm count the results may reflect an overall reduction in male fertility.

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Sep 4, - A strange thing has happened to men over the past few decades: We've .. He pointed out that methods for measuring sperm had changed. Sep 17, - Seven questions about declining sperm counts you were too afraid to ask. 2) What has changed about sperm count in the West? Okay, so.