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May 19, - At the age of 9, Michael McDonald wants to have his ear pierced. Gay men followed, often wearing a single piece of jewelry in the right ear to.

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An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another . In the late s, ear piercing began to make inroads among men through the hippie and gay communities, although they had been popular among. Oct 24, - On the playground, it was a truth so firmly established that defying it meant social suicide: If you have an earring in your right ear, it means.

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Jan 10, - The right ear or gay ear is the ear that most homosexuals tend to get pierced more often than the left ear, hence when somebody who is. Nov 13, - I learned that there was a "gay ear" to have pierced, but no year-old had accurate information on which ear that was. I wasn't sure if I wanted.

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Jun 16, - The rule of “left is right and right is wrong” basically went like this - if a man had his right ear pierced, it meant that he was a gay, and if he had. Apr 9, - That Piercing Means You're Gay: Growing up I was always told Piercing your left ear meant you were Gay? Is this the same for you?

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Aug 23, - I think its hot when a guy has a piercing but not too much piercings tho thats scary Carmie are you gay? Your ear looks so perfect! Soooo. May 3, - People used to say that a single ear piercing on a specific ear meant you were gay. And some gay men did indeed pierce a single ear, but that.

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Jan 24, - What ear should boy teenagers get pierced if not gay? 1, Views In which ear do men wear an earring to show they're not gay? Oct 2, - The earliest evidence of humans piercing their ear lobes dates back and a lot of men who want to know people will think they are gay.