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Nov 18, - “There's really nothing more tragic than a bad blowjob. There are a lot of reasons it could . 22 Women Confess Why They HATE Sucking Dick.

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Oct 26, - What are they doing, reading too many bad tips in COSMO!? It's not exactly a huge turn on to suck a dick like it is the last thing you'd like to be. I have one partner right now and I've told him how I feel but I can't suck his dick for more than a few minutes without getting self-conscious and Are most women bad at sucking dick?: sex - Reddit.

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Jul 3, - Turns out her last bf told her she sucked at it and wouldn't talk to How can a person be bad at sucking a penis? brazouka.infotic, Jul 3, Oct 13, - That guys are just happy you're there, putting the dick in your mouth. women don't when, in fact, a bad kisser is a bad kisser regardless of.

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Jul 9, - Non-stop cock sucking with naughty girls that get down on their knees to polish a fat cock with their lips. Feb 24, - It not bad at all if the person is healthy and clean. * When sucking a penis that it is best, you know the person who you are sucking. It not smart t How good is sucking a penis?

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Feb 5, - A powerful, but often tiring technique is sucking your man's penis. Of course, you're not doing this to “suck” the come out of him, that would be. Feb 3, - There is a massive difference between giving your man oral sex and sucking his dick. Oral sex is certainly a sensual and enjoyable experience.

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Watch the teeth! Best way to a terrible blow job is to have your teeth hurting their dick. I purposely suck dick badly so no one ever asks me to do it again. Mar 11, - Think of our dicks like a woodwind instrument. If you physically can't take it deeper, licking or sucking on the shaft from the side is always an.