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Q: What did the blonde say when her doctor told her that she was pregnant? A: "Is it mine?" - A man with a cucumber in his ear, a carrot in his nose, and a tomato.

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Medicine jokes, puns, and riddles. Clean jokes for kids and people of all ages. Enjoy our collection of Doctor Jokes, after all that's what they are here for! Breathing heavily, Brian grabbed the phone and called the doctor. “MY WIFE, SHE'S.

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When my three-year-old was told to pee in a cup at the doctor's office, he unexpectedly got nervous. With a shaking voice, he asked, “Do I have to drink it?”. Jan 5, - Take a few minutes to enjoy this hilarious collection of some of the best medical stories the internet has to offer. Whether you're a doctor, nurse.

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May 13, - We've collected some of the best medical puns and jokes across the web, “While I was in the doctor's waiting room, there was this tiny man. Mar 22, - To celebrate Doctor's Day we've brought you a few good Doctor jokes. Some are great one-liners, others help you make fun of yourself.

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Originally Answered: What are some good jokes about doctors? Patient:Doctor,Doctor I keep thinking I am a set of curtains! The floor's clean, right? Anyone. Jokes about Doctor. A doctor and his wife were having a big argument at breakfast. "You aren't so good in bed .. Steril, shcmeril. The floor's clean, right?

Valuable clean doctor jokes

A Collection of short, funny Doctor and Medicine-related jokes! We have over Categories of Jokes on our Main Page! Q: What do you call Clean Jokes! Clean medical Jokes. Doctor: We need to get these people to a hospital! Doctor: It's a big building with a lot of doctors, but that's not important now!

Clean doctor jokes

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Funny doctor jokes. When the patient fainted, her eyes rolled around the room. See more clean, free yet funny one-liners and stories from doctors'notes. Will and Guy's collection of funny medical jokes and stories The best doctor in the world is the See more clean funny doctor jokes and medical stories.

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"Oh, come now," the doctor said. "How could your wife's family give you high blood pressure?" He sighed, "You oughta meet 'em sometime, Doc!" Doctor Jokes. Jul 3, - Doctor, doctor jokes are very old - not just in content, but as a type too. Prof Mary Beard at UK's Newcastle University hit the headlines in